Halloween = pumpkins?

This is a photo taken by  Williams Nguyen and edited by me. We encountered this view on our journey to the pumpkin patch, located in Long Beach called Pa’s Pumpkin Patch. During this trip, I asked myself, “How are pumpkins associated with Halloween?” They don’t look scary! This tradition was brought to America by the Irish myth called “Stingy Jack.” The myth told the story of Jack. He invited the Devil to have a drink but refused to pay for his order. Jack tricked the Devil to turn into a coin to pay for the drink, which the Devil then turned into a coin, but Jack kept the coin for himself. The Devil turned back to his original form, but Jack made the Devil promised to never take her soul when he dies and leave him alone. The Devil exactly what Jack had requested. Ironically, Jack continued to play tricks on the Devil. When Jack died, Heaven did not want him and the Devil couldn’t take his soul, so he was sent off to the dark night. He roamed the Earth in the form of a coal in a carved turnip, so people in Ireland and Scotland began creating their own form of Jack’s lanterns onto potatoes, carved scary faces on them, then placed it by their windows to scare Jack away. People began using pumpkins because they are one of America’s native fruits. It was ideal for making jack-o-lanterns.


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