History of Christmas Trees

Plants and trees that stayed green all year had a special meaning for those during the winter time. Like many people today, we put our trees indoor and decorate the tree and house. In ancient times, they did a similar concept believing that it would keep away ghosts, evil spirits, and illnesses. Between December 21 and 22 was the winter solstice which they believed was when the sun was a god and the sun god was weak. They celebrated during solstice believing that the god would get strong again. Many countries had similar beliefs with each other believing that bringing in evergreens would give their gods strength as well as benefits to themselves.

Germany gains credit from being the first to start to Christmas tree tradition by using blocks of wood and decorating it with evergreens and candles. The first record of a Christmas tree being displayed was during the 19th century when German settlers in Pennsylvania had placed a community tree in the center of their town. America adopted the Christmas tradition  extremely late while in New England it was considered sacred.

source: “ALERTS.” News Article – A Traditional Christmas Tree Celebration | Village of Gates Mills. N.p., n.d. Web. 02 Jan. 2017.


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