Importance of Play

Play. Play. Play. Playing was all you did when you were a kid. When you were playing, the world was perfect and careless. Having fun was your only priority. Children, now, are not doing that so much. Children are being taught that the more school and homework, the better, but children can’t learn when they are deprived of what make them grow, play. It’s what make kids shape into responsible, wise adults. Children should be given more time to play, rather than the twenty-thirty minute recesses that they’re given. Play helps them to learn creativity and enjoy the luxury of having a good time, but some adults are brainwashed thinking that the more big words they know, the better. Due to the increase of brainwashed adults, the percentage of clinical depression and anxiety has increased in the last two-four decade. My question is why do some adults think that the more homework and schooling is better for their children?

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