A Divided Nation

You may or may not know Shia LaBeouf, but he is definitely not known for creating conflicts among a community. In an article called Shia LaBeouf and the Pitfalls of Celebrity Activism by Ginia Bellafante, Bellafante talked about “art as reality television.” What she means is Shia LaBeouf’s plan to have bypassers to say “He will not divide us,” to a camera mounted onto a museum.  Ironically, white supremacists showed us to the site and the museum received threats from other states of bombing the site, which encouraged the museum to take it down. I think that this deprives the people, who support the plan, their freedom of speech. Everyone deserves to speak their minds, but only if it includes reasonable reasons and peace.

Pic Creds: “Your Hardest Family Question: I Blew up at My Wife and Now I’m Separated.” LDS Magazine. N.p., n.d. Web. 05 Mar. 2017.


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