The End: English 16-17 (-:

Starting off this year in the class, I felt like I was definitely the weakest writer in my table group because they were so much better at doing things like using stronger words and being more description. I felt like my essay sounded very “vanilla” and theirs were “rocky road,” but one of the most vivid strength that I had as writer is being able to use my verbs to make my essays sound strong. Especially when I am writing narrative essays, because I am a lot better at writing narrative than any other essays that I wrote this year in English. When I was writing the narrative, I felt my strongest point was when I was trying my best to use the senses to make my story more descriptive, because like I previously stated, that is one of my weaknesses. Although, I have improved on my writing throughout this school year, I think that I still need to learn how to make my essays effectively shorten my essays. What that means is that the longer the essay does not always mean that is better. When revising, I struggle to know where to start and how to alter it to make it the better. Mr. Z and my friends at our table have impacted my writing abilities heavily because their writing styles have really made me a better writer. Being able to see how other people write and where their weaknesses are bettered me as a writer, because I was able to explore the various ways students write. I still need to improve on using stronger words and write more descriptive sentences. Here is proof on how much I have improved on being descriptive this year, “At the annual family parties hosted at our house, my father gathers all of our relatives around the wooden table located in the back porch, while he plays his guitar and my aunts and uncles sing along, with fruity and alcoholic beverages that my mom conducted from a Japanese soda.” One of the class lessons that I remembered from the beginning of the year is that the writing structure of a school’s essay does not always have to be the traditional way that every student have been taught since they were in elementary school. It helped me learn more ways on how different writers structure their essays or poem to incorporate in the theme or the plot. One of my favorite activities were the online discussions, because although talking in class was a really great way to express students’ thoughts, many of the other students did not get the chance to talk in class. Simply, because they are afraid to speak in front of other students or they just did not know how to incorporate their own thoughts into the conversion. This activity allowed all of the students in class a chance to participate in the classroom discussion and gave them a chance to reply to the other students that they have never interacted with the whole school year. Another reason why I really enjoyed the activity is because it was a very creative, modern way to discuss things in class. The traditional raising your hand and speaking to the whole class is great, but it can be scary sometimes when you have to speak in front of the whole class and you do not want to sound dumb and embarrass yourself in front of everyone. For me, it takes a lot of courage for me to speak in front of that many people. I think that they helped me as a writer because it helped me to be creative and think about all of these questions that I can think about when I am reading so that I can write about it. My favorite book that we all read this year was the Grapes of Wrath, because it talks about people during The Great Depression and what they did to overcome the struggles that they endured during the worst economic time in history. While reading The Grapes of Wrath, I’ve learned how the author used other stories to incorporate it into the plot. He uses things like imagery or  juxtaposition to help the readers understand the story more and use critical thinking when reading the chapters that was not narrative, but it was still very relevant to the plot. This taught me how to look out for figurative language when reading a story and how to use that in my writing to support my thesis on how that was effective. Some people plan out their essays before they write it, but the most effective way for me is just write it and then go back and change it however I want. It takes about the same amount of time as it would to plan it out and then write it, so I think that is why it is effective for me. It helps me know where I need to work on the most when I am trying to write an essay really quick, like during an AP exam. My writing skills would not be so good as it is today, if it weren’t for my fellow classmates in my table. They allowed me to become a better writer with their commentary on my essays, so thank you so much to Lilian Vu, Gina Sheeks, and Jenna EVERson.

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